A Purpose Movement

In January 2013, Victoria's (Crave CEO/Co-Founder) close friend died of a drug overdose.  The need for something to be done was evident to brother and sister, Josh (Co-Founder) and Victoria Rich.  The loss of their friend not only birthed a passion to see their city changed but the mindset of an entire generation shifted.  The idea was to throw the biggest  party their peers had ever seen then present them a message of purpose at the end of the night.  They envisioned hundreds, even thousands of students set free from their addictions.  Dream became reality and so it began.  The movement; a party with purpose. CRAVE was born.

CRAVE is for the one, for if that one is changed they will go change another, until a movement has begun.

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We receive hundreds of stories from hurting teens every week from around the world. Not only do we believe that there is healing in your testimony, but that there is hope for others who watch. Here are just a few.




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